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Meet The Team

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Get to know our growing team of writers, below


  • Laurence Kellett

    I'm the editor of Alt Music Review. Full time Digital Marketing Executive, part time music blogger, aspiring music journalist, occasional cat lover, manic CD buyer. Shinfo. You can find me on Google
  • Lauryn Paige

    My name is Lauryn; being open minded about music is one of my best traits. Looking to give new bands the recognition they deserve whilst also writing about bands i've always loved or newly discovered. Follow me on twitter, add me on Facebook or Google for any information.
  • Adam Snape

    Musician Who Lacks The Friends To Form A Band. Pop Punk Aficionado, Comic Book Blogger, Exasperated Illustrator, Aspiring Graphic Designer, Full Time Outreach Specialist, Occasional Banjo Player. Follow me on Twitter or Google
  • Josh Knight

    I'm Josh, I'm 19 and currently living in Reading, UK. My passions definitely revolve around new music, and I love hearing unique, different music that strays from the ordinary. Math rock, post-hardcore, metalcore and indie rock tend to make up my playlists.
  • Jacob Riley

    19. Music, Wigan and Knicks supporter. I like to play drums, read Bukowski and eat skittles. "play from your fucking heart" - Bill Hicks
  • Hannah Farthing

    Hi, I'm Hannah, I'm 20 and I'm an aspiring Music Photographer. Amateur guitarist and music nerd. If there's anywhere in the world I could choose to be forever, it would be at a concert, with the music making the floor and the walls vibrate and the crowd jumping in sync with the drums.
  • Sam Rigby

    Sam, music lover, guitar enthusiast, Lancastrian 21 yo lad on internship at an awesome company. Music is my passion and always will be. The Smiths, The Black Keys, The Strokes and The Brian Jonestown Massacre say it all. Love to find new music as i'm a true believer that rock and roll isn't dead, despite what the charts say. Find me on Google
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