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Review: All The Best Tapes – “This Is Not A Record…”

Review: All The Best Tapes – “This Is Not A Record…”

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Stoke-On-Trent’s very own All The Best Tapes re-release their April ’12 EP ‘This Is Not A Record, This Is All The Best Tapes’ in March. If you’ve not heard it, you’re in for 15 minutes of fresh progressive punk rock.

Progressive punk rock is something that can prove difficult to master, whereas the short fiery bursts of standalone punk provide such a familiar, brilliant, sound – All The Best Tapes have managed to throw in enough of this into their more pop-punk influenced EP to keep it fresh, yet still interesting.

Opening track, Old Device, kicks things off with an aggressive front of unique sounding vocals and compelling riffs before toning things down towards the end of the piece, with a flowing instrumental narrative, which leads into a quite diverse feedback-finish, so to speak.

In their attempt to live up to the ‘progressive’ title, I was worried All the Best Tapes would simply try to make a 2 minute pop-punk song last 5 minutes, just for the sake of it – This isn’t the case. It feels as though each song on the EP is split between an, often agro sounding, lyrical expression of emotions before slipping into a calmed instrumental expression. With the lyrics being somewhat hard to understand in places, the instrumental closers that All The Best Tapes so brilliantly craft often portray a lot clearer message.

P.D.W. Ribbon by P.D.W. Ribbon by All The Best Tapes’ – Top marks for the most unnecessarily long-winded song name ever, by the way – is a fantastic closer for this little EP. Luring you in with a charming indie riff before bursting into more of the same intense band and vocal blurts of emotions, the track leads into an incredibly energetic finish as vocalist, M.K Baker releases his talent down the microphone.

Watch ‘Caterpillarism’ below

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