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  • Review: Cold War Kids – “Dear Miss Lonelyhearts”

    Review: Cold War Kids – “Dear Miss Lonelyhearts”

    After a two year gap from  indie rock greats, Cold War Kids, ‘Dear Miss Lonelyhearts’ sees a confide...

  • Live: ‘Don Broco’

    Live: ‘Don Broco’

    I went along to see Don Broco slay Manchester Academy 2 on the final night of their UK tour, with He...

  • The Courteeners: ‘ANNA’

    The Courteeners: ‘ANNA’

    The Courteeners are a band who have established an impressive name for themselves in the past 5 year...

  • We Are the Ocean: ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’

    We Are the Ocean: ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’

    I finally got round to playing We Are The Ocean’s newest album, ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomo...

Review: Chvrches – The Bones Of What You Believe

CHVRCHES Recover credit Christina Kernohan

I was recently sent a Facebook message with a simple motive behind it; “Check these out”. ‘These’ would be the latest offering from Glasgow’s indie-pop music scene; Chvrches. More specifically, their debut LP ‘The Bones Of What You Believe’. Upon my first listen, I wasn’t immediately impressed. It all seemed a little too whimsical. A lot of flowery notes and softening tones that didn’t really offer much – this was when I decided to actually pay attention to the craft that Chvrches have seemingly perfected. Chvrches are a band fit for the times, and almost like the missing piece of ... Read More »

Review: Lorde – ‘Pure Heroine’


Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, commonly known by her stage name ‘Lorde’ has stormed onto the popular music scene as of late, and for all the right reasons. Pushing aside the bullshit ‘What does the Fox Say’ shenanigans, she brings with her her own fascinating electropop style and elegant take on music. At just 16, the New Zealand born musician displays an incredible knowledge of the world, cynicisms and all. It’s easy to sound patronising whilst saying that – as if a 16 year old couldn’t possibly be wise towards the ways of the world, but Lorde manages to mix this ... Read More »

Review: Rise Against – ‘Long Forgotten Songs’

Long Forgotten Songs

Almost everyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge Rise Against fan, so as you would expect, the announcement of a 26 song B-sides album was greeted with incredible excitement. Although 90% of the tracks are already easily accessible to fans of the band, it’s still great to own crisp and clear copies of the songs, instead of listening whilst trying to play, badly, on Guitar Hero or amidst watching Avengers Assemble. So what about the music? Rise Against have gone from an erratic, edgy, punk band to a band of a much more polished and clean sound across ... Read More »

Live: Peur


Playing at Sound Control in Manchester, headliners Peur (a three piece alternative rock band also from Manchester) are due to make the crowd go mental during their set, also playing for the first time tracks from their newly released EP ‘We Can Build Astronauts‘. First on the stage is Holly Jenkinson; she started off with a cover of ‘LMFAO – Sexy and I know it‘ which was a shock for the audience; stunned by the singing style; she had truly made the song her own. The Quiet‘ an original, was an attention grabbing song, with a personal story behind it; ... Read More »

Live: Demoraliser w/ Odessa

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 12.49.34

As we all know, Preston’s music scene has been rising thanks to the help of Rawkus Promotions. The recent show at 53 Degrees in Preston last week was opened up by Strikeout who are a local 4 piece and Skies In Motion who are a 5 piece from Derby; both bands got more than a positive response from the audience. Their live energetic performances completely set the scene for headliners Demoraliser and Odessa. I feel this won’t be the last time we hear from both these bands as big things are looking to head their way.    Left: Strikeout | ... Read More »

Review: The Sun Explodes – ‘We Build Mountains’


Approaching the release of their second full length, UK born rockers The Sun Explodes prove that their un-fuck-with-able style has a lot more to offer, on their second release, ‘We Build Mountains’. The Sun Explodes have a quality of musicianship that allows them to combine a staggering array of style and genre’s together in a glorious mashup of melodic hooks, eclectic tones and varied vocal points. It’s this eclectic surprise that kept me firmly on my toes, throughout the whole listen. One thing I look for in an album is how well it captures my attention, and holds it. This ... Read More »

Review: The Red Tears – ‘Embers Ignite’

The Red Tears - Embers Ignite

Think Offspring mixed with that awesome punk band you saw down the pub last week – you’ve got yourself The Red Tears. I have a strange taste in punk music. Hardcore punk to me is great, when you’re in the mood. ‘Mainstream’ punk, if you will, like Rise Against for example, hits the spot perfectly. Pop-Punk, on the other hand, has never really interested me. The Red Tears, in my humble and often categorically wrong opinion lie somewhere between mainstream and pop-punk, and yet I find myself sat in my back garden, soaking up the sunshine – loving every minute. ... Read More »

Night Verses – ‘Lift Your Existence’

Night Verses Lift Your Existence

After spending close to a decade of his life with ‘The Sleeping’, you’d be forgiven for thinking vocalist Douglas Robinson might want to have a rest from creating music for a while. Instead, he almost instantly launched a new band ‘Night Verses’.’ Night Verses’ wasted absolutely no time in making a name for themselves. Releasing an EP ‘Out of the Sky’ in the same year they formed, Night Verses made it clear they wanted to progress as a band as quickly as possible. The release of their EP along with acclaimed UK shows helped create a well-deserved buzz around a ... Read More »

Review: Stars And Flights – ‘Ruin’

Stars and flights

Welsh Alt-rockers, Stars And Flights, stormed onto the scene this time last year with their debut album ‘Dropping Anchors’ in March, 2012. Now, they’re back to throw more songs at us. 3, to be precise. Their latest EP, entitled ‘Ruin’ takes you through a mixture of emotional themes – touching on topics of death and rebirth, it’s hardly the happiest of EP’s but makes up for it with it’s energetic imprint and blissful vocal style. Cascading from the technical, stirring, styles of ‘Ruin’ to the initial downbeat pace of ‘The Lights Went Out’ and ending on the hasty-nature of ‘Inhale/Exhale’, ... Read More »

Review: Boysetsfire – ‘While A Nation Sleeps…’

BoySetFire Album Cover

After almost 7 years of silence, where fresh music is concerned, Boysetsfire are back with a blinder of an album, ‘While A Nation Sleeps…‘, which was released on the 7th of June, and is already making waves in the hardcore scene. The album progresses through a groggy, angry, start with the snarling style of ‘Until Nothing Remains‘ before rolling into the more toned down and melodic flow of ‘Closure‘. Jumping in and out of the hardcore/punk/rock genre’s, While A Nation Sleeps… takes you through an abundance of styles – Each one caressing your ear buds with a different quality. The ... Read More »

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