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Cross Wires: ‘Dark Water’

Cross Wires: ‘Dark Water’

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London based punk outfit Cross Wires released their 3rd EP, Dark Water late last year, and It’s something you definitely need to check out. In a musical era that’s headed by the pitch-perfect, auto-tuned pop artists, it’s an appetizingly rough and patchy EP with a domineering confidence to it.

This very short EP packs a charismatic punch. The opening track, Central Sea, is a solid introduction to the bands style. Displaying a creative experimentation of sounds and styles as it parades through strong and pushy drum beat which acts as a drum roll for a catchy and passionate vocal attack, backed up by echoey, sci-fi-esque backing vocals before drawing the curtain with a very, different, almost spacey guitar riff.

It almost seems as though Cross Wires are finding their feet in their musical career – Trying out different tones, styles and effects. Brilliantly for them… It’s all working.

Without doubt the best song on the EP comes in the form of ‘From The Bowery To Bethnal Green’. The almost amateur-esque sounding vocals work on so many levels for this band. As a punk band, they are fittingly raged, yet with regards to the exterior sound of the band as a whole, they provide a relevantly outside-the-box sound.

The concluding track, ‘Never Look The Other Way’ is an up-beat sounding, however vocally cheerless piece. Professing a straight-up punk style, they tunefully play through 3 minutes of wonderfully old-school sounding music. Listening to this EP very much reminds me of being a young boy, discovering my first punk record. It offers up a delicate and interesting introduction to the broad genre.

Kind of like what Bullet For My Valentine did with metal, before they went all Linkin Park on us…

You can find Cross Wires on Facebook and on Twitter: @CrossWiresBand

And of course, listen to them on Bandcamp.

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