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Daughter: ‘If You Leave’

Daughter: ‘If You Leave’

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Daughter started out with humble beginnings, back in 2010 and since released two EP’s circa ’11. Having stepped up to a musical trio, their new album, ‘If You Leave‘ sounds exactly what you’d expect from a close-knit band who have taken their time in releasing their debut. It’s a delicate, sharp, emotive release.

With the average song coming in at around 4/5 minutes and Shallows, coming in at a testing 7 minutes – This is not an album that you can fly through without taking it in. Daughter do not command your attention with ‘If You Leave’, they simply earn it.

Opening track, Winter, is a cleverly experimental piece which softly cushions you with various echoes, vocals and effects albeit in a beautifully relaxed manner. Politely alluring you into a sense of attentive relaxation, it sets the tone for the following hour of unperturbed pleasure.

Winter leads into the previously released ‘Smother’ which delicately airs an essence of familiarity before leading into ‘Youth’ –  Which in my opinion remains one of Daughter’s most accredited releases. Summarising everything that is so respectfully comforting about Daughter into 7 minutes of fantastic musicianship. Marrying the prevailing sound of percussion with sudden drops presents a sincere and authentic sound.

It is clear that Daughter will not be rushed – In getting across their message, they play it cleverly so as to encapsulate the listener, instead of racing into the more built up sections of their musical prowess like in ‘Lifeforms’, which is a beautifully elegant song that builds up and cascades down just as quickly.

The diverse array of sounds returns in ‘Touch’ as Daughter fashion a barrage of authentic sounds into a talented mirage of sonic luminosity. The 3-piece are capable of creating such a full, rich and natural sound from very little. The overlaying backing vocals, echoey instruments and soaring tones all amalgamate into something which although is not striking, it is unassumingly impeccable.

‘If You Leave’ is released on the 18th of March, UK. I strongly recommend supporting this band. you can buy the album from this link.


The tracklist for If You Leave is as follows:

01) Winter

02) Smother

03) Youth

04) Still

05) Lifeforms

06) Tomorrow

07) Human

08) Touch

09) Amsterdam

10) Shallows

Watch Daughter’s video for Still below:

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  • ABC

    Did you really listen to the album? You definitely have the track times wrong…

    • Laurence Kellett

      It’s really interesting that you’ve brought that up.

      The track listings are wrong on my copy. The song claims a certain length then stops before it has visually reached the end.

      I’ll amend the article now

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