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Framed: ‘On The Inside’

Framed: ‘On The Inside’

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Bringing to the table a mixture of soft rock ballads and rolling choruses, Framed are set to release their new EP ‘On The Inside’ in the spring, after two years.

Framed have a very unique yet accessible style, which balances upon the borders of Old school rock, and experimental rock and roll excerpts. The band create a flowing EP that, although consistently steady, isn’t without it ups and downs.

Rules on war starts out with a slow, stern feel to it. In fitting with the title of the song, it stays true to a serious tone, both lyrically and in playing style. The fitting snare rolls adds to the mood as it continues its stern progression. What little excitement Framed gives with this song, it returns with its moving forefront.  The lyrical message and softening choruses are a reflective backing track for the thoughts of Framed to seep out.

One of the more progressive tracks on the EP, Don’t You Ever carries a strict groove with it, as well as the insertion of some interestingly experimental sounds. As the lyrics depict the lust for another, the band detract from the possibility of the song sounding all too much like a saddening love song. The clever change in style as the song closes keeps it from getting that little bit boring as framed break into ‘Blunted Jim’, which offers up much of the same characteristic rock and roll vibes.

You can find Framed around the web:

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