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Feature: Frank Turner’s 5 Favourite Artists/Books.

Feature: Frank Turner’s 5 Favourite Artists/Books.

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We’re big fans of Frank Turner at Alt Music Review. Upon getting his latest album, Tape Deck Heart , through the post a few days ago I gave it a quick spin in my car. It’s been playing every day since. One song in particular caught my attention. For fellow Car CD people, it’s track 13 on Tape Deck Heart. For the digital folk, it’s called ‘We Shall Not Overcome

The bands I like, they don’t sell too many records and the girls I like they don’t kiss too many boys. Books I read will never be best sellers.

- Frank Turner – We Will Not Overcome.

I quizzed Frank on the lyrics. Apart from the girls. That would be an invation of privacy, I think.

He got back with his top 5 artists and top 5 books. You can check them out below:


Top 5 records


1. “Reconstruction Site” – The Weakerthans.

I could pick almost any of their records, they’re all pretty much perfect to me, but this is the one that has been on my stereo the most recently.

2. “It’s All Crazy It’s All False It’s All A Dream It’s All Right” – Mewithoutyou.

When I first stumbled across this record it totally, utterly blew my mind. The music, the lyrics, it’s just on another level.

3. “England’s Dead” – Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun.

Jim and his band are friends and touring buddies of mine, but I got to know them first and foremost as a fan. This record is pretty much flawless.

4. “Soviet Kitsch” – Regina Spektor.

Regina is that most perfect of songwriters – someone who is daring and original, but manages to make that sound easy and simple. I love this album a lot.

5. “Live At The Old Quarter” – Townes Van Zandt.

Townes has been a major influence for me in recent years, I have his initials inked on my left wrist. His songwriting is perfect, simple, stripped back, and this recording is the best place to hear it in all its glory.


Top 5 Books


1. Catch-22 – Josef Heller.

To date still the book I’ve re-read the most times. I love it, everything about it – the humour, the originality, the darkness at the middle of it.

2. The People’s Tragedy – Orlando Figes.

An eye-opening and heavy book about the reality of the Russian Revolution and the misery it unleashed on the world.

3. Good Omens – Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

I’m a sucker for both of these guys, and for them to write together is very heaven. Clasically British humour as well.

4. The Rational Optimist – Matt Ridley.

A book that I wanted to buy for everyone I know the moment I finished it. A sober, original and exciting look at modernity and progress.

5. Fugitive Pieces – Ann Michaels.

I read this book as a teenager and it’s haunted me ever since. Poetry.


There’s a list of ten things to sink your teeth into and open up your wallets for, should they tickle your fancy.

You can check out our interview with Frank or have a read of our review of ‘Tape Deck Heart’ below!

Interview | Review

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  • FranktheTankFan

    Bad Omens – Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
    Good Omens, surely?

    • Laurence Kellett

      I copied it directly from the email, but yes; I think you’re right on that one.

      I’ve altered the post buddy

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