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Interview: ‘Hey Vanity’

Interview: ‘Hey Vanity’

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A little introduction

 As a natural addition to the news, reviews and video’s posted on here, we’ve started putting out some Interviews – Cool, right? There’s already a few in the pipeline so be sure to check the ‘Interviews‘ section from time to time, and stay up date on some new, up and coming, bands as well as some already well known ones.

I asked the lads in Hey Vanity a few questions, just before they went out on tour with Mallory Knox and Don Broco – Check it out below:

First things first, where did the name ‘Hey Vanity’ come from?

We were struggling to agree on a band name and it got to the point where we needed to decide on something to kick things off. Our guitarist Will was listening to Around the Fur by Deftones and the first words are ‘Hey Vanity’ so he suggested that and we agreed.

What are your thoughts on playing the sold out shows with Don Broco and Mallory Knox? Are you excited to get your music out there, or a little nervous?

We’re really psyched to be on this tour, we’ve been mates with the Broco guys for years and it’s a massive kick-start for a brand new band like us. We’re really excited to be playing our tunes to so many new people.

Which date are you most looking forward to and will they be some of the biggest venue’s you’ve played?

The last show in Manchester is the biggest show on the tour and one of the biggest shows we’ve played so we’re well excited for that! Also the atmosphere will be amazing as it’s the last show.

You’ve got quite a unique and accessible sound – Who were your influences when writing the EP?

Strangely most of us have come from quite a metal background but the stuff we’re playing is quite influenced by Thrice, Reuben, Biffy… among many others.

Speaking of influences, what made you start the band in the first place?

We have all been in bands before and wanted to do something new and fresh, we all started jamming together and it just worked!

I noticed one of your songs off the new EP was called ‘Terry Tibs’, what’s the story behind that one?

That was actually just a working title while we were writing the E.P. The song is a bit tongue in cheek anyway so when it came to choosing a new title for it we just didn’t!

It must have all moved pretty quickly over the past 6 months – Do you have any intention of going easy or are you keeping busy?

We hope to keep as busy as we can, we love touring and we want to work hard so I think we’ll be on the road a lot. When we’re not on the road we’ll be writing or recording, there’s always something to be doing

How does it feel to be in a signed band?

It’s cool, we’ve known the guys at small town for years and it’s really good to be working with them on this release. It’s nice having that extra push that you don’t get when you’re completely independent.

What direction do you want Hey Vanity to go in, and your hopes for the near future?

I want to be a band that always evolves and changes, I’d like to think that every album/ release we make will have something different about it but I don’t know what that’ll be yet! Hopes for the near future?… I hope we can impress people and make a bunch of new fans on this tour

Your EP is out on the 8th – Are you excited for your fans to hear this?


Hell yes!

Hey Vanity


You can catch Hey Vanity on their current UK with Mallory Knox and Don Broco where they’ll be playing tracks from their debut EP, set to be released in April (It’s a good’un) –  You can watch their first single ‘Breathe, Bleed, Grow’ below:

You can also find them around the web at these links:

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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