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Interview: ‘Pyramids’

Interview: ‘Pyramids’

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We recently interviewed Pyramids, a fantastic new indie rock quartet from London who you’re probably going to know very well by the end of 2013. Read what they said below:


What made you guys want to get together and make music?

We’ve all been in bands before, but it was only when the four of us first started jamming that we realised we had the beginnings of something that really works for us all.

 How did you decide on what direction to take the band with regards to sound, considering you all have such varied music tastes?

I don’t think there’s ever been a decision to take a certain direction with our sound. What you hear on the new release is just a result of nights spent playing around with some ideas we’ve had and seeing what comes from it. If anything, I’d say it’s because of our varied tastes that we have the sound that we have, and hopefully that comes across.

It’s great to have varied influences, but if you had to listen to one artist for the rest of your life – Who would it be?

Zero 7 – who else offers such a tasty combo of sultry vocals and chilled out instrumentals?

Do you plan on venturing out into different styles and trying different themes, in future releases?

Definitely! The bands who I appreciate the most are the ones who manage to keep each release different from the last. Who really wants to buy the same album they bought last time?

A lot of bands sprinkle their music with far-fetched metaphors – what made you bringeverything down to earth and sing about real life events?

One thing we’ve noticed, is that the songs we can relate to most aren’t usually the most ambiguous, far-fetched, metaphor-filled tracks, but the ones that allow you to draw connections to your own life. That’s why keeping everything down to earth feels pretty important to us.

What are you most looking forward to in 2013? Is this the year for Pyramids?

2013 is going to be pretty mad. One of the things that we’re most looking forward to is finally being able to go out and play a stupid amount of shows. Up until now, everything has been pretty much kept under wraps, so to be able to get away from that now is going to be a huge relief.

Are there any bands that you’d love to tour or work with in the future? Who are you liking at the moment?

The Joy Formidable for sure. Twin Atlantic. Foals. The 1975…. Coldplay… The list could go on…

There are some big names associated with your EP, such as Adam Noble and Dick Beetham – what was it like working with them?

We’d done some work with Adam previously, so we all knew how the other worked which was great. The hard part is pre-production, but after that it’s just a lot of fun.

How was your EP launch live show at Hoxton’s Underbelly?

It was a sweaty, sold out show with good good vibes.  There’s a live video from the show on our Facebook.

You can find Pyramids around the web

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