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Live: ‘Don Broco’

Live: ‘Don Broco’

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I went along to see Don Broco slay Manchester Academy 2 on the final night of their UK tour, with Hey Vanity and Mallory Knox. Amidst the queue of fun-loving Broco fanatics stood the odd, lost, incredibly overdressed, Foals fan, as 900 people teetered into The Academy.

The good:

First up was Hey Vanity, who took the fun, laddish ethos of Don Broco and flung it at the crowd, only with an easy-going, mellow feel to it. Hey Vanity, despite having very little available music out there, managed to warm the crowd up as much as was needed with ‘Terry Tibs’ and more off their debut EP, and an incredible rendition of ‘Hey ya’ (Yeah, the fucking Outkast song). Sporting a humbling stage presence but a powerful sound, Hey Vanity were a vital cog in the kids-going-bat-shit-crazy machine that was on full power that night.

Next up was Mallory Knox (Uhuh, the ones you heard no end on Radio 1). Although flying the flag of gratitude more prominently than Andrew W.K style partying, the boys in Mallory Knox commanded the crowd with their radio friendly easy-listening rock hits that sounded so powerful live, it’s easy to understand the hype around this band at the moment. They kept the night in full swing with ‘Death Rattle’ ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Wake up’ from the new ‘Signals’ album and setting the path for Don Broco, up next.

Don Broco

What better entrance than Priorities? The distinctive riff of the song provided both the remixed stage entrance music as well as the kick-start for the night as the groomed lads in Broco took everything to a new level in the Academy 2. The distinct, charming, sound of frontman Rob Damiani echoed around the room as the crowd; front to back, left to right, bounced around like Zulu’s on Red Bull and pogo’s.

The synchronised dance moves that the band so very much enjoy showing off takes away any hostility in the air, leaving a bunch of happy-go-lucky fan girls and pit-eagar fans. The 4-piece continued to work the crowd to boiling point with hard-hitters off the 2012 ‘Priorities’ debut such as ‘Whole Truth’ ‘Back In The Day’ and ‘Here’s The Thing’ as well as throwing in some very much welcomed EP classics like ‘I’m Good’ and ‘Dreamboy’ mean that Rob had the crowd like putty in his sweaty hands.

What would you do if you had a crowd of 900 people with energy to burn, dancing around like mad men for your music? I’d probably do the same as Don Broco; Split the, already cramped,  Academy in half – Kick in with ‘Thug Workout’ and watch oodles of vest wearing curly quiff warriors do press-ups on your command.

The night ended with a rather marvellous rendition of ‘Yeah Man’ in which the ladies in the room would sing a certain section of the song, and the gents take up the other. You’ve heard it all before, la-de-daa. Alas, it was just the right amount of crowd involvement to make the night feel like a personable, fun, event. Rob lead the band into ‘Hold On’ before ending the night on a serious high with ‘Fancy Dress’.

The bad:

To the dude who started throwing CD’s around; Not cool. Not cool at all fella.

The ugly:

The girl in the high waisted shorts who maybe went a little bit too loco for broco, and was graciously Laboriously carried out of the pits during ‘Hold On’.

You can see Don Broco’s new video for ‘Whole Truth’ below:

You can keep up with Don Broco around the internet:

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