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Spotlight: ‘Rhys Lewis & The Relics’

Spotlight: ‘Rhys Lewis & The Relics’

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Marking the end of the first month of Spotlight Sundays on Alt Music Review is:

 Rhys Lewis & the Relics

Rhys Lewis & The Relics are a 5-piece pop folk band put together by songwriter Rhys Lewis. They met studying at The London Centre of Contemporary Music and the band was formed in January 2011.

The 5 piece manage to put out such an incredible, full, sound in all of their songs – although it still has a very personable, stripped down tone to it. the vocals of the piece are  brilliantly harmonised, and are complemented from start to finish by talented yet discreetly humbling accompaniments  which  add so much to the sound.

Who are Rhys Lewis & the Relics?

Rhys Lewis – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Tom Smith – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals

Rudi Schultz-Wiremu – Drums

Valeria Pozzo – Violin, Backing Vocals

Tad MacDonald – Bass

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