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Subtitles: ‘I Am An Animal’

Subtitles: ‘I Am An Animal’

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Take heavy influences from 1970’s punk, a talented duo and a dash of creativity and you’re left with the sharp and erratic sound of Garage-pun duo: Subtitles. Upon first listen you would be completely forgiven for thinking you’re listening to an unreleased Sex Pistols single as Subtitles capture the true feel, sound and attitude of earlier punk. As the EP takes shape, with the title track  ’I Am An Animal’, it’s a crazed outbreak of angry, testosterone fueled, perfectly scattered and unpredictable vocal shouts and jagged guitar playing.

Subtitles EP

The EP begins to take shape with ‘Something Else’ and it’s 1 minute and 57 seconds of self-assured vocals and rolling guitars riffs. ‘Subtitles´ have managed to capture what seems to be an entirely different age of music, only throw in their own twist and bring it to 2013.

New Religion’ takes a while to kick in, but when it does, it brings with it a driving, foot-tapping educing beat that rolls through the high’s, low’s, basic and complex to create the perfect backing for more of the same coarse vocals. It carries a bold and dominant sound which is somewhat different from the other’s on the EP.

One of my favourites on the EP, ‘Tear It Up’ is a charismatic, up-beat, song with a strong drive provided by the electric guitar and consistent percussion. The minor details in this song make it stand-out from the rest. The EP as a whole portrays a similar sound, whereas ‘Tear It Up’ really puts itself forward as one of the real drives on this EP.

Overall, the EP is a modern blast from the past. Fans of 70’s, 80’s, punk will feel right at home!

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