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The Electric Revival: ‘Presenting: The Electric Revival’

The Electric Revival: ‘Presenting: The Electric Revival’

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It’s rare that an EP name also acts as a fitting introduction, but ‘Presenting: The Electric Revival’, by The Electric Revival recently came to my attention – and thanks fuck it did. An emotive, moving,  eery rock and roll come spacey, futuristic, sounding EP that shunts forward an eclectic mix of the very best of old school punk, mixed with the gentle introduction of vague electronic snippets. Basically – 50 years of rock and roll, with a cool twist.

Kicking off at the very top of the Rock and Roll scale with aptly titled ’Rock N Roll Breakdown’ which, as expected, whips the band into gear with a bad-to-the-bone, genuine rock and roll record – Complete with stodgy, rolling riffs and topped off perfectly with an almost cliché-esque solo, in true Led Zeppelin style.

Then hit’s the electronic side of The Electric Revival. Creeping up on you, with a spooky sound and an equally spooky title: ‘Black Widow’ is a sincere track, laden with dazed electronic inserts, yet still maintaining a very retro rock style. Hidden underneath all of this, Black Widow stands out as a twisted albeit, beneath the surface, applicable love song.

Here’s where things get interesting…

Minimum Wage’, arguably one of the best songs on the album, as well as one of the best post-rock songs I’ve heard this year gives a true idea of what The Electric Revival are all about. They play a combination of over 50 years of rock and roll, spiced up with modern creativity and varied time-varied influences which are so noticeable, in a very pleasing way.

The album evidently cascades into softer songs as it progresses. Essentially if you’re not too into your rock, you can listen to it backwards until it begins to get a bit heavy for you…

Mid-way through the album, ‘Electric Rooster’ showcases a different side to the band, but not one you’d expect. With such a title, a heavy, gloomy bass line is not expected – but it works so well. Leading into a jumble of erratic drumming, wavering electronic blimps and sustained guitar tones, it holds it’s own as a emotive and chilling instrumental. Feelings are a hard thing to impose upon a listener, but with both earphones in, and a distraction free-listen,  it’s not long before goose-bumps are developing during this song.

Another song, another era. During ‘Outlaw Blues’, they successfully re-live the mid-60’s sound of the Rolling Stones. It left me wondering just  can’t this band do, brilliantly? Despite leaving nothing to the imagination, era-wise, with song titles such as ‘Rock N Roll Breakdown’, ‘Outlaw Blues’, ‘the Misfit’ and ‘Goodbye (1979)’ The Electric Revival successfully re-live 50 years of rock and roll, in a memorable (Maybe not for me), informative and knowledgeable and definitively passionate manner.

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